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-The results of your hand are up to you. Believe it or not.

That age old saying of, “what you put out comes back to you” is seemingly a truth at a stud table. Often it’s too late before one realizes that they have stayed in hands they had no business being in, in the first place.

Keep an eye on your own self and how you are “showing up” at a table. Are you dominant? Are you the aggressor? Are you showing consistency with showing down competitive hands and even folding down when you should?

What you put out to other players at the table can be sensed by other players. Hesitation, weakness, shy betting, constant checking, is truly a signal that you are playing weak combos, or having trouble knowing when to fold. It will be taken advantage of, just as when you sense it from another player, you jump right on top of it taking advantage of their weaknesses.

You’ll probably notice that when you are playing at your best, and playing aggressively, players of the same caliber and skill will be the ones to step out of the wood-work and up to the challenge of playing a higher skilled game.  Everyone gets a run for their money.

When you’re playing questionable hands at a loose table, you have fallen into the “playing nicey-nice” syndrome and you’re lucky to leave the table breaking about even. Of course, there is nothing wrong with playing a casual game to kill some time or just be social, however, if you are playing to win, play from being the winner in you and draw forth the players at the table who are the real competitors and win some money. Notice how what you are putting out is what is drawn to you.

This also includes your cards. Don't play with a bad attitude. If your attitude stinks, so will your cards. That's just the way poker karma works.  An exception to that is if someone's attitude is worse than your own. Why spend the money just to compete for proof of who has the worst attitude at the table?

Play to win and you will. Play champion hands and they will come through most of the time, or at least you will know that your hand was the best hand to start with if you get rivered. If you do get rivered take pride in knowing that you played the hand right and continue on that path. When you think your hand may be the losing hand it most likely is. If you’re not sure, then, well…you’re not sure. See how it all comes back?

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