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Strategy sites such as this one, as well as media articles, and books with information on 7 card stud poker, are becoming easier to find with the current explosion of popularity for playing the game. When reading about strategy, a few questions should be asked before adopting it for your own use. With all of the information out there, I’d like to offer some tips on how to sift through which strategies are most likely to help you succeed with what your goal is.

  • Does the strategy being presented to you for a particular type of hand fall into alignment with making money or simply breaking even?

Identify how the consistent use of the strategy will work in the long-run as opposed to how it will work short-term at the table limits you currently play at. When moving up to a higher stakes table, consider if the strategy you are accustomed to will adjust to fit the strategy of the higher table limit. Depending on how high you move up in stakes or if it is a tournament table vs. a ring table, the strategy may change completely.

  • Does the strategy fit with the goal you have chosen for your play sessions?

If your goal is to play for the social and casual reasons and the hope is to break even or perhaps gain a small profit, the strategy you use will create just that. If you are sitting down with the intention to create a large profit, your strategy fits to create that as well.

  • Does the strategy being presented to you back its claims for success or failure based on known variables in the game such as odds? Does the strategy express under what circumstances it should be used or not used?

Claims made on why to use or not use a strategy should make sense in accordance with odds and specific situations. Being advised not play a certain way with no reference to pot odds or odds to catching a card, should be elaborated, since many variables can influence the outcome of a hand. Keep in mind that using specific strategies will affect your bankroll.

  • Would this strategy be one that a professional player would use?

If a professional were playing in a tournament or at the same table limit you are playing, would they be likely to use this strategy to create an advantage vs. the players at the table?

To summarize, make a determination on whether or not to use a strategy based on it’s earning potential, if it is something to be used with consistency or only under specific circumstances, if the strategy proposal supports its claims to use or not use it based on drawing or pot odds, and if it is a strategy that a professional player would put to use. It’s easy to read about something that makes sense for a game in general. Be sure that the strategy use not only makes sense for the game, but makes sense for the type of tables you play at.

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